Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare is delighted to share that we have made the decision to  opt into CWELCC. 

The Government of Canada has identified child care as a national priority to enhance early learning and childhood development, support workforce participation and contribute to economic recovery.

Through its 2021 Budget, Ontario will receive $13.2 billion over six years beginning in 2021-22.

Families have seen a 25% refund from April – September and moving forward in 2023 further reduction of 50%. We are navigating this process together with our respective regions and we are all in agreement that the financial support for families is very beneficial.  Reduced rates in  childcare will make a difference for many families in Ontario looking for quality licensed child care.  

CWELCC is like a life saver for many families with children. Across Canada adults with families now have the opportunity to continue their education, change careers, take on a new direction with the comfort of knowing that their children will be in a licensed, quality childcare.

Families are enjoying the savings already!  Now with childcare being affordable spaces will fill up quickly so be sure to call the closest Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare near you and book a tour! We look forward to serving the families in each community.

Mrs. Angie Girgis – CEO