When choosing childcare, parents consider many important factors, such as a program’s safety, learning environment, and values alignment. At Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare, we strive daily to be the best choice for families. Here are some of the top reasons many families choose us for their little ones.

Christian Environment and Values

First and foremost, our Christian environment and values are so crucial to many families. They want their children to learn about God’s love from a young age in a nurturing community. At Angelic Treasures, faith is at the core of everything we do. Our classrooms incorporate Christian themes, values, stories, and songs daily. Children learn moral lessons and life skills directly from the teachings of Jesus. Families appreciate that we partner with them in raising their children according to their shared religious beliefs.

Quality Education

In addition to our faith foundation, we are committed to providing the highest quality education. Our curriculum and classroom activities are carefully designed with the latest research in early childhood development in mind. We follow the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) framework to ensure all children meet important cognitive, social-emotional and physical milestones. Areas like literacy, math, science, art and more are creatively incorporated through play. Our learning environment stimulates curiosity and sets the stage for school success.

Bilingual Programming

Many Angelic Treasures locations also offer French immersion, starting in infant rooms. Being bilingual opens up so many doors of opportunity for children as they grow. Our teachers skillfully guide them through language acquisition through daily interaction, songs, and early learning lessons in both English and French. Families say it brings them peace of mind to know their children are getting a head start on this valuable skill.

Low Teacher-Child Ratios

Children thrive with personal attention, so we pride ourselves on maintaining some of the lowest teacher-child ratios in the industry. Our infant room has a maximum of 3 babies per teacher, and ratios gradually increase with age. This allows our excellent educators to focus on each child’s development entirely. Circle time, meals, play – no moment slips through the cracks with this kind of robust supervision and engagement. Families feel assured of their little one’s care and progress with us.

Nourishing Meals

We understand that healthy eating habits start young. A nutritionist carefully plans our catered meals to meet each child’s needs. Seasonal fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean proteins – young tummies are well-fueled for a day of exploration and activity. We appreciate the peace of mind this brings to parents, knowing their child will never go hungry or be fed foods lacking nutrients during the day. Special diets and allergies are also happily accommodated.

Convenient Hours and Extras

Busy families need flexible, reliable care, and we work hard to provide it. Before- and after-school programs are also available to transition children between home and class seamlessly. The occasional snow day extra or PD Day camp takes the stress out of planning. When life happens, families can depend on us being there.

Safe, Stimulating Spaces

Our clean, bright, child-proofed facilities were designed with little ones in mind. Abundant natural light, learning zones, cozy nap areas, and spacious outdoor play spaces – there is room for running, exploring and nurturing curious young minds. Fences, cameras, codes, sign-ins – security is our top concern so parents can feel entirely at ease. Rooms are arranged by age group for adequate developmental challenges. Supplies are regularly sanitized to prevent the spread of illness, too.

Experienced, Trusted Team

The teachers, supplements and owners of our Angelic Treasures family are among the best in the business. All staff hold Early Childhood Education diplomas or degrees and receive ongoing professional development training. Many have been with us for years, bringing a depth of knowledge and care to each classroom. We perform rigorous background checks and know that children are left in the most capable hands daily. Personal relationships between educators and families build over time, too.

Overall Value

While we focus on quality rather than cost, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing for excellent service. Families report immense value for funds when comparing programming, facilities, hours, extras, etc. With subsidies available to many, childcare is increasingly accessible even for larger families or single incomes. Ultimately, we want caring for kids to fit harmoniously into virtually any budget, so parents have one less thing to worry about!

Invest In The Best For Your Child

Every child deserves the very best start in life, and that is our daily mission at Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare. Our cutting-edge curriculum, nurturing educators, faith foundation and family-oriented approach make us genuinely beloved by our community. It is why so many parents keep returning generation after generation. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!