Father’s Day is a special opportunity for kids to show their dad how much they care. While store-bought cards are an easy option, nothing says “you are my superhero” quite like a handwritten note from the heart. As a parent, helping your child craft meaningful messages for Father’s Day can create special memories that will last for years.

Here are some tips for guiding your little one in writing personalized Father’s Day notes that Dads will surely cherish.

Getting Started

Come up with some easy prompts kids can use to kickstart their creative thinking. “My favourite thing we like to do together is…” or “Dad is really good at…” can get the ideas flowing. You may need to scribe for younger kids but aim to have them write most of the message in their own words.

Handmade is Best  

Crafting gifts and cards shows lots of love and effort. Have kids decorate the front of a homemade card with drawings, stickers or photos before writing inside. For a moving touch, include a family photo so Dad can see their smiling faces as he reads. Crafting together is quality bonding time, too.

Share Special Memories

Suggest your children include specific memories or meaningful experiences they have shared with their dad. Even little ones can describe family trips to the park, bedtime stories dad reads, or funny jokes he tells. Reminiscing over happy moments together personalizes the message.

Express Gratitude and Appreciation  

Beyond “Happy Father’s Day!” encourage kids to express how much Dad means to them and why. They could thank him for things like teaching them to ride a bike, taking them fishing, or always being there when they need a hug. Letting Dad know how his love and support have made a difference in their lives will undeniably touch his heart.

Proofread for Them

Having kids read their notes out loud to you first allows you to catch any mistakes so the flow isn’t interrupted for Dad. The final crafted message will show that the child and parents put extra thought and care into it.

Surprise Delivery

Let kids decide how and when to present their dad’s Father’s Day message. Whether hiding it somewhere for him to find later or reading it aloud over breakfast in bed, making the delivery fun and unique creates special family memories on this day dedicated to celebrating fathers. 

Following these tips will result in Father’s Day messages kids can feel proud of creating themselves. Most importantly, it allows them to express love, appreciation and special memories in their own words – a gift any dad would cherish receiving from his wonderful children.

On that note, the Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare Center team wishes all fathers a Happy Father’s Day!