Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you have toddlers, you’re probably scrambling to create fun activities to celebrate this special day with them. Toddlers have such short attention spans, so it can be challenging to find activities they will enjoy that also allow them to relax and feel celebrated.

Worry not! We at Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare Center have found some fun activities for Mother’s Day that your little toddlers will love:

Handprint Art 

This fun and easy toddler crafting idea makes a lovely keepsake. Press your toddler’s hands into non-toxic, washable paint or fingertip markers. They’ll love watching their tiny handprints appear on the paper. You can display the artwork or put it in a frame to remind you of them every Mother’s Day. 

Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? Getting in the kitchen together and doing a simple activity like mixing cookie dough or sprinkling on toppings can be quality bonding time. Just be prepared for some spills and mess! The joy on their little faces when you eat their creations together will make it all worthwhile.

Read Storytime

Curl up together with some children’s books about moms, families and love. Reading with expression and pointing to pictures is very engaging at their age. Finish it off by giving them lots of kisses and cuddles. Storytime is a simple yet meaningful tradition you can continue year after year.

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Pack a picnic blanket and head outside for some fresh air and exercise. Bring a basket and give your toddlers an easy scavenger list like “Find something red” or “Find a leaf.” Let them collect nature items and encourage development by naming and describing what they find. A walk in nature is rejuvenating for both kids and parents.

Play dough Fun 

Sit down with some play dough or modelling clay and let the creativity flow. Show them how to squish, roll and shape the dough. They’ll be entertained for ages just squeezing and digging their little fingers in. You can even mould flower shapes or hearts as Mother’s Day creations to display or give as gifts. 

If you keep activities simple, involve them in the process, and end with cuddles, toddlers will feel included in celebrating you. On that one, the Angelic Treasures Daycare Centre team wishes every mom – a Happy Mother’s Day! To learn more about our daycare programs, visit our website.