Confidence is critical, especially when it comes to kids. Learning and completing new tasks and goals will allow children to become more confident and self-assured, so it’s a must that they understand their accomplishments. 

Confident children believe in themselves and face new challenges without feeling scared, which are essential factors for a fulfilling life.

Every parent wants to instill confidence in their kids, and the following ways will help in this regard:


Invest in playtime

It is crucial that you make time for play because this will show your child that they are valuable and worth your time. During playtime, focus your attention on your child because kids are perceptive and will be able to tell if your mind is elsewhere. Dedicate yourself to the game you are playing together because these hours will bring you closer. Your child will know you are listening to them, so give them your full attention, allowing you to create an exceptional bond. Playtime is one of the best investments you can make in your child, so don’t forget to include this in your busy schedule.


Give them small jobs to complete

Children want to feel that their contribution is valued, so provide them with opportunities to display their skills. Ask them to help with household chores like dusting, tidying up toys, setting the table, gardening or washing the car. Give them jobs that will allow them to feel both valuable and successful, and consider their interests so that you can assign tasks accordingly. If, for example, your child is proud of their ability to organize, ask them to put away their toys in specific spots so that they can feel confident after accomplishing their task. Not every task will be fun, and you must work with your kids in these situations so that they understand that sometimes, work will come before play.


Give your child your full attention

We cannot emphasize the importance of this step enough. Giving a child your full attention will boost their feelings of self-worth because you will clearly communicate that they are both valuable and important in your eyes. Make eye contact so that it’s clear that you are listening to what they are saying, and you should also stop and listen to your child if they need to talk. It would help if you showed them that their thoughts and feelings matter.


Encourage your child

Acknowledge hard work and do this often. Show your child that you believe in them as encouragement will give a child the boost they need to keep going and will help build the best kind of confidence. Make sure you acknowledge their effort, which will set your child up to succeed. 

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