Our infant program supports the individual needs of the child. We incorporate programming that allows for staff to encourage independence and present fundamental foundations for this age group. Areas of creative, sensory, gross and fine motor, French, as well as group time, are planned for each and every day along with the daily Christian curriculum.

Our program is designed to create a solid base of learning for each child in our care. Simple developmental milestones are repeated in order for the skills to be mastered. For example, the skill of imitation is described by the ELECT document as “imitating adult behaviour and taking part in pretend play with simple scenarios” (ELECT, Page 24). Our staff create opportunities for the infants to master this skill by singing songs with actions, caring for dolls in the dramatic area and modelling the action as well as encouraging the imitation through verbal direction.

Outdoor play is a large aspect of our program. We provide the infants with a soft rubber surface to explore their environment in a comfortable and safe way. We have a gradual admission to our infant class, to provide the parents and child the opportunity to build a relationship and trust in the staff of the program.