Learning stories are very important in childcare centres because this form of documentation includes observations done by an educator and written in a narrative format. Educators will listen and watch children while they explore in play and will take notes based on their observations. They will then write a learning story which will include their notes, and share them with the children and their families. 

Stories can be very powerful, and educators are encouraged to write learning stories as they are being read by the children. When you walk into childcare centres near you, you may notice different learning stories posted, and it’s natural for parents to wonder about these stories and why they are written. 

When writing learning stories, educators are asked to focus on the following:

  • Engagement
  • Conversations between children
  • Child-initiated play
  • Learning opportunities
  • Building relationships

Identifying Learning Opportunities

The stories will convey the observations of an educator and will share a play-by-play of what was happening at that moment and what learning opportunities were presented. This form of documentation is very effective, and staff have the opportunity to share their findings. Parents will gain an understanding of their children in the daycare centre and how they explore, play and connect with others in a daycare setting. 

Document Learning Experiences

Learning stories are a great way to connect families with the learning opportunities that happen during the day, and parents will get to be part of their child’s day. Parents will gain insight into their child’s experiences, and learning stories can create strong relationships. Parents will be able to reference the learning stories and ask questions when speaking to their children at home or at the end of the day and will know which topics to address and what went on during their child’s day. 

From a teacher’s perspective, learning stories allow them to become great observers, and they will have the opportunity to not only acknowledge the interests within a classroom but to share them as well. 

Learning Stories Are Beneficial for Everyone

Teachers, educators, parents and children will all appreciate this type of document which is both fun and informative. Families will feel more involved, and educators will be able to share their daily findings. 


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