Angie Girgis Director's Spotlight - Angie Girgis

Hi, my name is Angie Girgis. I am the proud owner of Angelic Treasures. I’m excited about my blog. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better. Certainly, I look forward to spending this time with you.

One of the most enjoyable parts of my work is meeting new families. I love taking them on tours throughout our facility. I can showcase our program advantages and demonstrate our commitment toward the families who trust us with their children’s’ care. Also, it’s the beginning and ending of each and every day that I see the children as they come in, l watch them learn so much and the payoff; hugs as children filled with pride share their accomplishments with me.

Childcare is my passion. I have always wanted to be, and remain to this day, an advocate for children.

I grew up in Guelph Ontario where I attended Bishop MacDonell High School. Later I went to Conestoga College, George Brown and finally Sheridan College in 1996. My first experience in childcare was the University of Guelph daycare where I volunteered for a year and I was hooked from then.

I have been in childcare for over 20 years. Before that I was in pharmaceuticals. Angelic Treasures Christian Childcare Centre was born in 2003. Every day, we are home for 60 children between six weeks and six years of age. We also offer seasonal camps for school age campers.

Every morning I am thankful and give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve him. As the Director of Angelic Treasures, my primary commitment is to our children, their families and our dedicated team of professionals. Mrs. Katryn Murray, Supervisor (my daughter) is now taking over the day to day responsibilities and happy to have my grandson here with us every day. Truly a blessing.

We open at seven in the morning. We welcome the children and begin to roll out our full program of activities, meals and outdoor play. Most of my days are 12 hours long. I start bright and early by checking on report forms completed by program and kitchen staff. If a staff member is away; I arrange for coverage of their duties, or on occasion, fill in myself. I also conduct orientation tours for prospective enrollment of new children. In our field, there are often meetings with, or visits and inspections by officials from local, regional and provincial governments. We never know what each day brings. I am also responsible for the management of the Centre. This includes: banking, interviewing, meeting with visitors, and making my rounds to ensure that the children are well and the programs are running smoothly.

The most important decisions I face are those impacting upon the well-being of our children and staff. When I am able to ensure that all their needs are met; that’s what it takes for me to have a wonderful, successful day. The three top skills I routinely exhibit to perform my job well are: communicating effectively, trouble shooting and sound financial planning and decision-making. I attribute my success to: perseverance, my faith and understanding my purpose, and not being afraid to grow in knowledge. I am most satisfied looking upon my vision which has become reality.

Reflecting upon my leadership development; I can say that Christ is the leader and I wish to aspire to be like him. Undoubtably a tall order. I admire many leaders. I have adopted certain aspects of their styles into my own. My son is a successful Chief Financial Officer who also influences how I lead. He shares his business sense and innovative revenue ideas with me. I am inspired by his advice.

I adore stories about growth from humble beginnings. I admire entrepreneurs and their struggles. The eventual success of corporations like Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s. They began with a dream, born from recognizing a need and imagining how they could satisfy it, and then they went out and made it happen.

I treasure time I spend with God in reading the Bible or other spiritual books. I knit, sew and can be crafty. Spending time with my husband and grown children is also my best non-work time joy! We have been blessed with a wonderful grandson this past year. God is good and continues to bless my family.

I’ve always been interested in the non profit sector. Again it’s my desire to serve. Until this past month I was involved with the Vita Centre. This is an agency which supports pregnant and parenting youth. I was a director on the board, Vice-President and spent two years as President. I supported their worthy goals financially in addition to volunteering. I have assisted churches by helping them establish childcare centres in their place of worship.

I value life, family and my friends. What you see is what you get. I am loyal and fair and expect the same treatment from others. I have an unshakable work ethic. I take my commitment of Parenthood and Grandparenthood extremely seriously. I will do anything for my children and grandchildren.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in providing quality child care and educational experiences for young children, I invite you to get in touch.