If you’re searching for daycare centres near you in Mississauga or Newmarket, you may encounter separation anxiety with your child. One of the most important tips for dealing with separation anxiety is to make sure your child has a positive association with both yourself and the activity in question that will require separation from you. Many children rely on predictability, safety and comfort throughout their formative years, and may become over-reliant on staying with Mom or Dad when it’s time to step into a new situation.

These type of children experience a great deal of fear and anxiety when faced with unfamiliar situations. At Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare, we have various daycare centres near Mississauga and Newmarket. Over more than 19 years operating our daycare, we have met many children who first faced separation anxiety in their early visits to the daycare, so it is important to keep them fully prepared and aware of an upcoming activity that will require separation from Mom or Dad for some time.

This is especially true if you sneak away from them, you want to be open and transparent that you are going to spend time away from them. For example, when leaving the house, your child must see you leave and get the chance to say goodbye. This way, your child associates your departure with a positive experience and emotions. If your child remains visibly upset, try to have a fun activity for him or her to engage in once you leave. It is also helpful to get them excited about showing you the result of this activity upon your return! It is also important for children starting in a new program that a week before starting that they would have an orientation with a few hours at the beginning and gradually build to a full day.


Meet with the Educators

One of the best ways to help your child overcome separation anxiety is to make sure that he or she goes to their childcare centres near you in Newmarket, or Mississauga with a sense of routine and safety. Educators are often aware of the struggles and fears of children who experience separation anxiety. They want the drop-off and pick-up process to be as smooth as possible for both parties. Meeting with educators at childcare centres near you is essential for all parties—the educator, yourself as the parent, and your child.

If your child demonstrates severe anxiety at drop-off, they will likely need more help and soothing. Meanwhile, silently anxious children may simply require more time, consideration and positive interactions with others before relaxing. It’s important to remember that separation anxiety does not just occur in the morning. Children may act out when they are picked up or fail to acknowledge you. Regardless, you can trust our caring, compassionate and highly experienced team at our Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare childcare centres near you in Mississauga, or Newmarket.


Relaxation Techniques

The benefits of relaxation techniques for children are numerous, and they are often quite effective. In fact, research has shown that implementing these techniques can reduce heart rate, breathing rate, and skin temperature. They may also improve concentration, sleep quality, and even emotional stability. The techniques can also improve the child’s social skills. Listed below are some of the most helpful ones. These are simple yet effective methods for helping parents deal with their child’s separation anxiety.



At our daycare centres near Mississauga and Newmarket, we’ve noted that one of the most helpful things to do is to establish predictability in your child’s schedule. If you can, try to prepare your child ahead of time—it may be a good idea to visit the childcare centres near you ahead of time, and check out the exterior amenities and playground equipment, reminding your child of the fun they are going to have!

If separation anxiety is a chronic problem, though, you may want to seek professional help. To help your child cope with the anxiety, try practicing relaxation techniques. One method is to hide a heart-shaped rock or a comforting item of theirs in your pocket, and encourage your child to “blow your worries” into it. Another technique involves having them rub the heart-shaped rock or other comforting toy with positive feelings.


Don’t lure your child with rewards or threaten them with consequences

A common mistake that parents make is luring their child with rewards or consequences when they are separating from their child. While this method has worked for some, it doesn’t work for everyone. Separation anxiety doesn’t get better on its own. In fact, it can interfere with age-appropriate activities like attending school or birthday parties. Even worse, it can keep your child from enjoying sleepovers, too. Instead of luring your child with rewards, consider being open and honest, while following through on promises.

At our childcare centres near Mississauga and Newmarket, we have often seen parents tempted to use rewards and punishments to try and convince their child into behaving. This approach poses several problems. Firstly, your child will interpret harsh words as a sign that they aren’t good enough. Instead, try to stay close to your child to reassure them that you love them despite their behaviour. When your child is upset, be sure to use consequences only if they are misbehaving, damaging toys, or severely disrupting others. 

If your child is in a state of fear and anxiety, don’t try to punish them. Instead, remain calm and empathize—address their fears as well as the positive aspects of the experience they are about to have! And you can also use this opportunity to get them excited about your reunion, where they can show you what they learned, drew, or built that day.


Childcare Centres Near You in Mississauga and Newmarket

With these tips in mind and some consistent, levelheaded implementation of these calming strategies, you can ensure a smooth and positive transition into the day’s routines and activities.

We hope that these tips help you address your child’s fear and anxiety when it comes to separating from you. If you’re looking for childcare centres near you in Mississauga or Newmarket come visit Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare!

Overcoming separation anxiety is critical for encouraging your child’s self confidence and independence as they continue to grow and develop. If you’re interested in learning more about Angelic Treasures Daycare Centre, get in touch today at 1-647-775-9376.